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We can’t wait to celebrate our marriage with you on Saturday 19th August 2017! Here you will find details of the day, how to get there and where to stay. If you need any more information, don’t hesitate to email us at annajohann2017@gmail.com

On the day

The wedding will be taking place at the Mairie in St. Mars de Coutais, Johann's home village, at 11am on Saturday 19th August. Following this, we will be holding a reception at La Chais d'Epinay in La Bignon, around 30 minutes drive away. At the reception, there will be the vin d'honneur followed by food, drink and dancing. Dress code: suits and dresses

The Ceremony : 11:00

La Mairie
14 Rue Saint-Médard,
44680 Saint-Mars-de-Coutais

The Reception : 13:00

La Chais de l'Epinay
44140 Le Bignon

On the (next) day...

On Sunday 20th August, we hope you will be able to join us for a relaxed lunch at le Chais d’Epinay, the same location as the reception, so that we can enjoy your company for longer! We will be gathering around midday.

Travel Information

As we are getting married in a small village and there is no public transport, the best way to travel around between locations is by car.

By Plane

The nearest airport is Nantes Atlantique. There are regular easyjet flights from London Gatwick. The airport is 20 minutes away from the location of the ceremony and 15 minutes from the reception. There is a shuttle into the center of Nantes from the airport.

By Train

The nearest train station is Gare de Nantes, In the center of town. It is about 30 minutes away from the location of the ceremony and 20 minutes from the reception by car.

By Car

There are several car hire services available at the airport and the train station including :

By Taxi

There are Taxi services available but these are likely to be expensive and will need to be booked in advance.

Where to stay

There are lots of hotel and bed and breakfast options in the city of Nantes which is around 20 to 30 minutes away from the reception by car.

La Cour de l'Epinay

There are a number of rooms and gîtes available here and it is a 5 minute walk from the reception. See here for more information.

Air BnB

There are several options available on Air BnB for accommodation. Have a look here and search ‘Nantes’ or ‘Le Bignon’.


It will be possible to camp on the site of the reception. If you would like to camp, please contact us directly as there is a limited amount of space.

What to do

For those of you wishing to make a proper holiday out of your visit to France, here is some information about some of the great things to local area has to offer.

Eat & Drink

Nantes and the surrounding area has some amazing local specialities. Try the famous Breton savory crepes in any of the creperies in the old town of Nantes. Also take advantage of being by the sea and taste the amazing fresh seafood with Nantes own beurre blanc sauce. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, try the caramel beurre salé with the famous fleur de sel from Noirmoutier or Guerande. You should also seek out Muscadet wine sur Lie and try some of the excellent local Breton cidre. Have a look here for more information on where and what to eat.


Nantes is a really vibrant city and there is lots to see. We particularly recommend Les Machines de l’île, where you can see the famous 40 foot wooden elephant walking around. See here for more information. The beautiful Château des Ducs de Bretagne is also worth a visit followed by a beer (obviously!) in the old quartier of Nantes. See here for information.


There are some beautiful places to visit along the atlantic coast line. If you have hired a car take a drive to the charming village of Pornic or take a walk along the beach at Noirmoutier.

Gifts and dress code

We don't need you to bring us gifts – we know plane tickets are expensive and your presence at the wedding is enough! If you really want to give us something, a contribution to our future life together would be lovely. There will be a box at the wedding for this!

Dress code: Suits and Dresses. Don't forget that Nantes is close to Brittany and the weather can be unpredictable! Something warm for the evening would be a good idea!


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